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About Frank

Frank’s sculptures, in limited edition and individual works, are often commissioned by Presidents and Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of state of other countries as presentation gifts for state occasions.

The artist has designed the interior of the first synagogue built in Moscow this century, and sculptures on the site of Russia’s National War Memorial. His public sculptures have been erected in Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Santo Domingo, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Frank Meisler’s autobiography “On the Vistula Facing East”, was first published in 1996 by Andre Deutsch, London and has been reprinted.

In 1999, the Czech Academy of Art awarded him the ‘Franz Kafka’ Gold Medal for Artistic Achievement. In 2002, both the Russian and the Ukrainian Academies of Art elected him Honorary Academician. He was awarded with the “Freedom of the City of London”. Two additional sculpture groups commemorating the departure and journey of the Kindertransport were erected in Berlin and Gdansk in 2008 and 2009.”Trains to Life, Trains to Death” and “Kindertransport – the Departure”. In December 2011 he unveiled a public sculpture in the port of Rotterdam, Holland “Channel Crossing to Life”.

In January 2012 Meisler was awarded the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In May 2015 he erected the 5th Kindertransport sculpture group “The Final Parting” in Hamburg, Germany. Meisler’s work is characterized by a sense of movement and revelation – “The opening and closing of the doors of life”. It is a synthesis both powerful and personal. Every sculpture beckons you to explore its magic.

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