All catalogue items

SD001 – Salvador Dali

A420 – Chess Players

A410 – Football Players

C007 – Cancer Pendan

A400 – In the Net (Basketball Players)

A.T.K. Award

S09A Orchestra Flautist

“Oil Man” sculpture

A.T.K. Award

A400 – In the Net (Basketball Players)


SP00 Siberian Leopard

D490 Tiger (Bronze)

SP08 – Gallery of Portrait Panels

PS08 – Portrait of a Research Physician

SP06 – Portrait of an Industrialist

PS02b Portrait of a Businessman

SP02 – Portrait of a Businessman

SP01 – Portrait of a Banker

CP02 – Einstein Award

CP01 – Herzl Award

X1005 – Golden Heart Award

X1004 – Bar Ilan University: Foundations For The Future Award

PD2 – Golden Heart Small Presentation

PD2 – Golden Heart Donor Presentation

Memorial Sculpture – Kaliningrad Death-march

SS03 – Man on a Leopard

Z09 – Children of the Holocaust

SGB1 – Moses

SS02 – Large Monkey Set

SS01 – Swordfish on Reef

SP12 – Jerusalem Fountain

SP10 – Bronze Menorah

SP09 – Star of David Menorah

SP08 – The Evangelists

SP07 – Akhal Teke Horse

AQM – Jerusalem Sphere

C015 – Jerusalem Pendant

C120 – Grape Pin

C112 – Onyx Hamsa

C110 – Hamsa Hai

C100 – Small Hamsa

C027 – Onyx Hai Pendant

C026 – Onyx Star of David

C018 – Menorah Mezuza Pendant

C014 – Menorah Pendant

C012 – Sagittarius Pendant

C011 – Scorpio Pendant

C010 – Libra Pendant

C009 – Virgo Pendant

C008 – Leo Pendant

A370 – Hunter

A370 – Hunter

A150 – City Train

S12A – Philharmonic Violinist

S11A – Philharmonic Trombonist

A300 – The Legal Lady

A290 – Winning Stroke

A280 – Skier

A270 – Executive Power

A260 – Le Chef

A250 – Tennis Player

A240 – Golfer

A200 – Dental Practice

A130 – Doctor in the House

A120 – The Lawer

SP05 – Portrait of a Pharmacist

PS06 – Sculpture of H.E. Leonid Kuchma, President of the Ukraine

PS05 – Sculpture of Mr. Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow

PS04 – Portrait of a -Leo- Man

PS03 – Portrait of an Oil Executive

PS01 – Life-Size Family Portrait, Toronto Canada

CG06 – Newspaper Medallion

CG05 – JNF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Box and Holder

CG04 – Ascending Chariot

CG03 Air Force Foundation Mezuza

CG02 – Israel’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture

CG01 – Bank Mizrahi

SP022 – Jerusalem Sphere Menorah

SP011 – Columbus Sculpture Panel

MSC – Moscow Sphere

KZK – Kazakhstan Sphere

BNG – Ben Gurion

AQM – Aquatic Marine

C006 – Gemini Pendant

C005 – Taurus Pendant

C004 – Aries Pendant

C003 – Pisces Pendant

C002 – Aquarius Pendant

C001 – Capricorn Pendant

A050 – Lady on the Move

A040 – Balancing Act

A255 – Fisherman

A160 – Poker Player

A140 – Football Player

A220 Freewheeler

B320 Portrait of Vladimir Vysotsky

B300 Portrait of Marc Chagall

A320- Picture at an Exhibition

P180 – Adam and Eve

P040 – Leda and the Swan

P035 – Lady in the Bath

P030 – Gentleman in the Bath

B490 – Portrait of an Executive

B480 – Portrait of a Gentleman

B470 – Rembrandt

B450 – Delilah

B420 – Acacia Tree

B390 – Freud Fantasy

B380 – Mini Freud

B140 – Van Gogh

B070 – Mother and Child

B010 – Sigmund Freud

A070 – The Concerto Bronze

A060 – The Concerto

B030 Toulouse Loutrek

B600 Man of Decision

B350- Picasso

A350- The Filmmaker

M03a – Jerusalem Trophy (on marble base)

M003 – Jerusalem Trophy

L050 – Small Jerusalem Medallion

K200 – Mini Jerusalem Sphere

L120 – Jerusalem Hamsa

K150 – Small Thatcher Jerusalem Sphere

K020 – Large Jerusalem Sphere

B370 – Jerusalem Wall Panel

A460 – Cat


D420 – Lady Ostrich

D140 – Owl silver and gold plated

D325 – Horse Fountain

N250 – Royal Frog

P450 – Head of Horse

D331 – Royal Lion (Bronze)

D350 – Large Owl

D315 – Horse (Silver)

D435 – Bear

P200 – Cat and Aquarium

P190 – Mini Owl

P060 – Mini Dog

P050 – Mini Lion

P025 – Large Pearl Oyster

P020 – Pearl Oyster

P010 – Butterfly on a Waterlily

N240 – Frog Box

L130 – Noah’s Ark Plaque

D437 – Rhinoceros

D436 – Swinging Chimp

D434 – Motherhood

D433 – Speak No Evil

D432 – Hear No Evil

D431 – See No Evil


D410 – Ostrich

D400 – Cat and Mouse

D330 – Royal Lion

D320 – Horse (Bronze)

D310 – Horse (Gold plated)

D303 – Bull (Bronze)

D302 – Bull

D301 – Dolphin Reef

D300 – Dolphin

D290 – Sitting Camel

D280 – Standing Camel

D270 – Ephraim the Goat

D210 – Poodle

D200 – Elephant

D160 – Sitting Dog

D100 – Hippo

D090 – Pelican

D080 – Eagle

B430 – Camels In a Landscape

B260 – Noah’s Ark with Waves

F045 – Zion Mezuza

F210 – Jerusalem Mezuza

F200 – Gate Mezuza

F140 – Menorah Mezuza

F120 – Independence Mezuza

F100 – Shalom Mezuza

F090 – Twelve Tribes Mezuza

F080 – Toledo Mezuza

F070 – Gefen Mezuza

F060 – Magen David Mezuza

F050 – Bar Mitzvah Mezuza

F040 – Zion Mezuza

S17A – Orchestra Trumpet Player

S16A Orchestra Clarinetist

A035 – Simchat Torah Celebration

P045 Mini King David

S07A Orchestra Pianist

S14A Orchestra Tuba Player

S03A Orchestra Trombonist

S02A Orchestra Saxophonist

S01A Orchestra Fiddler

S13A Orchestra Electric Guitarist

S06A Orchestra Drummer

S04A Orchestra Bass Player

S08A Orchestra Balalaika

S05A Orchestra Accordionist

S15A Orchestra Percussionist

Frank Meisler – Orchestra

B410 – David and Batsheva

P160 – Matchmaker

B120 – Fiddler on the Roof Gold

B120 – Fiddler on the Roof Bronze

P220 – Matchmaker (Bronze)

B080 – King David (Bronze)

B060 – King David

A310 – Chassid in Action

A230 – Chassidic Fiddler

A080 – Chassidic Dancer

A025 – Reb Chaim and Yankel

A015 – Reb Chaim

A010 – Rab Alter


H100 Gate Channukiah

H080 – Channukiah Gates and Hills

G030 – Small Havdallah Set

N050 – Jacob and Rachel Box

M002 – Aish Hatorah

H170 – Jerusalem Sphere Channukiah

G150 – Tree of Life

G140 – Jerusalem Candlesticks

G110 – Flower Candlesticks

G100 – Dove Kiddush Cup

G090 – Grape Candlesticks

G080 – Channukiah Insert

G070 – Shabbat Candlesticks

G050 – Dradle

G040 – Rimon Kiddush Cup

G020 Insert for Lions of Judah

G010 – Lions of Judah Candlesticks

E160 – Shadai Ketuba

E150 – Sefer Torah

E120 – Jerusalem Ketuba

E090 – Mini Ketuba

B460 – Pentateuch

B400 – Passover

B360 – Torah Shrine

B340 – The Wedding

B090 Ten Commandments

B040 – Large Lion Channukiah