"We inhabit the world with the animal kingdom. Ferocious, pathetic, playful and pretentious, we also share their characteristics. These qualities communicated through their fur, their wrinkled skin, flaps, beaks, and the forbidding horns of our fellow creatures. In my animals sculptures I seek to capture this common ground." F.M.

SP00 Siberian Leopard

D490 Tiger (Bronze)

A460 – Cat


D420 – Lady Ostrich

D140 – Owl silver and gold plated

D325 – Horse Fountain

N250 – Royal Frog

P450 – Head of Horse

D331 – Royal Lion (Bronze)

D350 – Large Owl

D315 – Horse (Silver)

D435 – Bear

P200 – Cat and Aquarium

P190 – Mini Owl

P060 – Mini Dog

P050 – Mini Lion

P025 – Large Pearl Oyster

P020 – Pearl Oyster

P010 – Butterfly on a Waterlily

N240 – Frog Box

L130 – Noah’s Ark Plaque

D437 – Rhinoceros

D436 – Swinging Chimp

D434 – Motherhood

D433 – Speak No Evil

D432 – Hear No Evil

D431 – See No Evil


D410 – Ostrich

D400 – Cat and Mouse

D330 – Royal Lion

D320 – Horse (Bronze)

D310 – Horse (Gold plated)

D303 – Bull (Bronze)

D302 – Bull

D301 – Dolphin Reef

D300 – Dolphin

D290 – Sitting Camel

D280 – Standing Camel

D270 – Ephraim the Goat

D210 – Poodle

D200 – Elephant

D160 – Sitting Dog

D100 – Hippo

D090 – Pelican

D080 – Eagle

B430 – Camels In a Landscape

B260 – Noah’s Ark with Waves