Corporate Gifts

"When I am asked to produce corporate gifts for large institutions, I see it as a great challenge to create a unique and relevant work, avoiding the usual clichés associated with this category of sculpture. Examples include: awards for the Israel Aircraft Industry, presentation sculptures for an organization based in New York, a football trophy for a TV network, an Oscar for the music industry. The best affirmation is when the recipients of one of these trophies, gifts, or awards, telephone me to express their thanks for receiving an object they are proud to own and enjoy in their home, or display in their office." F.M.

A.T.K. Award

“Oil Man” sculpture

A.T.K. Award

CP02 – Einstein Award

CP01 – Herzl Award

X1005 – Golden Heart Award

X1004 – Bar Ilan University: Foundations For The Future Award

PD2 – Golden Heart Small Presentation

PD2 – Golden Heart Donor Presentation

CG06 – Newspaper Medallion

CG05 – JNF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Box and Holder

CG04 – Ascending Chariot

CG03 Air Force Foundation Mezuza

CG02 – Israel’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture

CG01 – Bank Mizrahi