"If I had another lifetime I might spend it in making jewelry. Large sculptures keep me busy and allow little time for making beauty in miniature - objects of art to wear. My other works, such as public sculptures, are situated in different parts of the world. Others are 'hidden' in private homes or galleries and after completion I seldom encounter them. But when in a street or restaurant, somewhere in the world, I see my jewelry displayed on the body of its owner as a statement of their choice; I feel the pleasure of a silent bond, a little secret shared with a stranger. It makes me as happy to see them wear it as I hope they are to own it". F.M.

C007 – Cancer Pendan

C015 – Jerusalem Pendant

C120 – Grape Pin

C112 – Onyx Hamsa

C110 – Hamsa Hai

C100 – Small Hamsa

C027 – Onyx Hai Pendant

C026 – Onyx Star of David

C018 – Menorah Mezuza Pendant

C014 – Menorah Pendant

C012 – Sagittarius Pendant

C011 – Scorpio Pendant

C010 – Libra Pendant

C009 – Virgo Pendant

C008 – Leo Pendant

A370 – Hunter

C006 – Gemini Pendant

C005 – Taurus Pendant

C004 – Aries Pendant

C003 – Pisces Pendant

C002 – Aquarius Pendant

C001 – Capricorn Pendant