Jewish Figures

"Jewish Figures are the archetypes of our personal legends. They were the characters in the stories we heard as children; the figures that never left us but grew into the secret voices that advise us and ultimately become our judges." F.M.

S09A Orchestra Flautist

S17A – Orchestra Trumpet Player

S16A Orchestra Clarinetist

A035 – Simchat Torah Celebration

P045 Mini King David

S07A Orchestra Pianist

S14A Orchestra Tuba Player

S03A Orchestra Trombonist

S02A Orchestra Saxophonist

S01A Orchestra Fiddler

S13A Orchestra Electric Guitarist

S06A Orchestra Drummer

S04A Orchestra Bass Player

S08A Orchestra Balalaika

S05A Orchestra Accordionist

S15A Orchestra Percussionist

Frank Meisler – Orchestra

B410 – David and Batsheva

P160 – Matchmaker

B120 – Fiddler on the Roof Gold

B120 – Fiddler on the Roof Bronze

P220 – Matchmaker (Bronze)

B080 – King David (Bronze)

B060 – King David

A310 – Chassid in Action

A230 – Chassidic Fiddler

A080 – Chassidic Dancer

A025 – Reb Chaim and Yankel

A015 – Reb Chaim

A010 – Rab Alter