"Creating 'Judaica' is a very special pleasure for me. They are objects used in Jewish religious practice in home and synagogue, designed for rituals which evolved over thousands of years. In recent centuries, especially in Europe, where Judaism was a persecuted 'rival' of Christianity and Jews were debarred from the craft guilds, Judaica was often of low quality, 'poor men's art' made with little love or understanding of their purpose by alien hands. Yet, even there, one senses the urge for survival and the deep roots into the biblical past from which it took its strength. To reinterpret these objects now, bring out their visual potential and research their origins, gives me a sense of direct contact with craftsmen who through generations did their part in creating the symbols of Jewish survival. I hope that I do them justice now." F.M.


H100 Gate Channukiah

H080 – Channukiah Gates and Hills

G030 – Small Havdallah Set

N050 – Jacob and Rachel Box

M002 – Aish Hatorah

H170 – Jerusalem Sphere Channukiah

G150 – Tree of Life

G140 – Jerusalem Candlesticks

G110 – Flower Candlesticks

G100 – Dove Kiddush Cup

G090 – Grape Candlesticks

G080 – Channukiah Insert

G070 – Shabbat Candlesticks

G050 – Dradle

G040 – Rimon Kiddush Cup

G020 Insert for Lions of Judah

G010 – Lions of Judah Candlesticks

E160 – Shadai Ketuba

E150 – Sefer Torah

E120 – Jerusalem Ketuba

E090 – Mini Ketuba

B460 – Pentateuch

B400 – Passover

B360 – Torah Shrine

B340 – The Wedding

B090 Ten Commandments

B040 – Large Lion Channukiah