"A Mezuzah is the small but potent expression of Jewish identity and faith. In the old quarters of Spanish cities I have seen the empty crevices in the doorposts that centuries ago served as mezuzot and now remain mute witnesses of great tragedies. To make a mezuzah is to become part of an unbroken chain of identity that draws strength from the past and gives meaning to the future." F.M.

F045 – Zion Mezuza

F210 – Jerusalem Mezuza

F200 – Gate Mezuza

F140 – Menorah Mezuza

F120 – Independence Mezuza

F100 – Shalom Mezuza

F090 – Twelve Tribes Mezuza

F080 – Toledo Mezuza

F070 – Gefen Mezuza

F060 – Magen David Mezuza

F050 – Bar Mitzvah Mezuza

F040 – Zion Mezuza