Professions Hobbies

"The professions and hobbies we practice shape our lives and alter us. This is emphasized in my group of figures who pose, perspire, lecture us, swing bats and golf clubs. Ultimately they try to create order out of chaos and seem to draw us into their activities." F.M.

SD001 – Salvador Dali

A420 – Chess Players

A410 – Football Players

A400 – In the Net (Basketball Players)

A400 – In the Net (Basketball Players)


A370 – Hunter

A150 – City Train

S12A – Philharmonic Violinist

S11A – Philharmonic Trombonist

A300 – The Legal Lady

A290 – Winning Stroke

A280 – Skier

A270 – Executive Power

A260 – Le Chef

A250 – Tennis Player

A240 – Golfer

A200 – Dental Practice

A130 – Doctor in the House

A120 – The Lawer

A050 – Lady on the Move

A040 – Balancing Act

A255 – Fisherman

A160 – Poker Player

A140 – Football Player

A220 Freewheeler