Universal Figures

"My Universal Figures embrace images of artists and thinkers I admire. They also include universal qualities, the mother's attachment to her child, the femine, an old philosopher king and people of leisure and at work. In each I look to express what motivates them to be what they are." F.M.

B320 Portrait of Vladimir Vysotsky

B300 Portrait of Marc Chagall

A320- Picture at an Exhibition

P180 – Adam and Eve

P040 – Leda and the Swan

P035 – Lady in the Bath

P030 – Gentleman in the Bath

B490 – Portrait of an Executive

B480 – Portrait of a Gentleman

B470 – Rembrandt

B450 – Delilah

B420 – Acacia Tree

B390 – Freud Fantasy

B380 – Mini Freud

B140 – Van Gogh

B070 – Mother and Child

B010 – Sigmund Freud

A070 – The Concerto Bronze

A060 – The Concerto

B030 Toulouse Loutrek

B600 Man of Decision

B350- Picasso

A350- The Filmmaker