Special Sculptures

"Special sculptures are commissions from governments, corporations, or private collectors. They range from religious works in synagogues or churches, public sculptures, including fountains, statues of heads of state and other renowned figures. Every commission rewards me by revealing a little world, which I enter. Models are presented, agreed upon, completion dates and terms discussed. I always try to meet my clients on site, so that I can become familiar with their needs, location and the surroundings of the prospective sculpture. With heads of state, and other dignitaries it helps me have a more intimate sense of them and their world. This research has taken me far afield to New York, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Miami, Kazakhstan, and many other locations. Often between the initial request and the glass of champagne shared at the unveiling, lies a fascinating adventure, which also frequently leads to lasting friendships. Each special sculpture is a story in itself. "THE ASHES OF ALBERT ELOVIC" is the only one I wrote about. It is also the earliest, smallest and most touching commission I ever received". F.M.

Memorial Sculpture – Kaliningrad Death-march

SS03 – Man on a Leopard

Z09 – Children of the Holocaust

SGB1 – Moses

SS02 – Large Monkey Set

SS01 – Swordfish on Reef

SP12 – Jerusalem Fountain

SP10 – Bronze Menorah

SP09 – Star of David Menorah

SP08 – The Evangelists

SP07 – Akhal Teke Horse

AQM – Jerusalem Sphere

SP022 – Jerusalem Sphere Menorah

SP011 – Columbus Sculpture Panel

MSC – Moscow Sphere

KZK – Kazakhstan Sphere

BNG – Ben Gurion

AQM – Aquatic Marine