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Making Art since 1962

Frank Meisler was a world-renowned sculptor who created unique and timeless high-end metal sculptures. His sculptures are owned by distinguished dignitaries all over the world. The sculptures are kinetic, configured to allow for movement and surprise. They all undergo a meticulous handcrafted process with the utmost respect to detail and quality. Custom-designed portraits and large commissioned sculptures stand all around the world, serving as center art pieces in city squares, commercial buildings and private homes. Our team of dedicated artisans has lovingly crafted sculptures for over six decades. Today Marit Meisler continues her father’s legacy and is the Artist and the owner of the Gallery and the Atelier. Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, she is weaving together Frank’s history along with a fresh contemporary vision.
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Frank Meisler

Frank Meisler made extraordinary sculptures for over 60 years and became a world acclaimed artist. He was born in Danzig in 1925, educated in England and graduated in Architecture at Manchester University.

As a child Frank Meisler was rescued from the Nazis by getting onto a Kindertransport train. Five monuments were designed by him and erected in five cities telling this life story.

Meisler’s work is characterized by a sense of kinetic movement and revelation, intellect and humor. His sculptures, in limited edition or as commissioned art, were presented as gifts to royalty, dignitaries, and heads of states around the world. His public sculptures have been erected in Jerusalem, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Miami, Santo Domingo, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Poland and more.

He has won the Czech Academy of Art awarded him the ‘Franz Kafka’ Gold Medal for Artistic Achievement; The Russian and the Ukrainian Academies of Art elected him Honorary Academician; The Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany; The City of Gdansk Honorary Ambassador to Israel; The “Freedom of the City of London”.

Frank passed away in 2018. His daughter Marit Meisler is continuing his legacy and the family brand. You can read more about him in OUR HISTORY section.
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Marit Meisler

Marit Meisler was born and raised in the Old City of Jaffa, Israel. She is a Product Design graduate with distinction from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Since 2006, while living in New York for six years, she opened ceMMent where she was designing and making contemporary Judaica made from concrete and metal

Her work has been featured in numerous museums including the Jewish Museums in New-York, Berlin, San Francisco, Philadelphia and more. In 2008 the Jewish Museum in New York purchased two of her designs for their permanent collection. View online

Marit was teaching as an adjunct professor at “Pratt Institute” in New York, in “Bezalel Academy of Art and Design” and in the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Since 2019 Marit is continuing her long established family's brand "Frank Meisler" featuring high-end sculptures and Judaica, designing new sculptures and expanding the brand to new designs and markets. In the Frank Meisler Gallery, she is weaving together Frank’s history along with a fresh contemporary vision of the Frank Meisler Art.

Exhibitions: “Scenes from the Collection- Accumulations”, The Jewish Museum New York 2018. “Design Tide Tokyo - Around a Dinner Table”. ,Tokyo Japan, 2012. “Design Edition JM”, The Jewish Museum New, 2010. “Reinventing Ritual: The Jewish Museum” , New York, 2009 - 2010. “Judaica Twist - Innovation in Judaica design”, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv, 2010.

See how we make it

We invite you to walk through the Jaffa alleys, see the old city from a bird’s eye view and let us share the workshop's creative activity. You can see how our experienced professional personnel in the atelier make our designs come to life - from initial design concepts and sketches, through model making and the detailed manufacturing processes of each piece.
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The Gallery's new location

We are delighted to announce that we have relocated to a wonderful new gallery space in the old city of Jaffa.
The gallery is located at the prestigious entrance to the Old Jaffa (4 Louis Pasteur Street), next to the Jaffa Hotel. You are welcome to drop by.
For more info check out Contact Us section
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גלריה פרנק מייסלר

פרנק מייסלר היה פסל בעל שם עולמי שיצר פסלי מתכת ייחודיים ויוקרתיים. הפסלים הם קינטיים, ומתאפיינים בהומור והפתעה. הפסלים עוברים תהליכים מורכבים בעבודת יד בשימת לב מירבית לפרטים ואיכות. פסליו של פרנק נמצאים בבעלותם של נכבדים בכל רחבי העולם, ודיוקנאות בעיצוב אישי ופסלים גדולים הוזמנו וניצבים בכל רחבי העולם, ומשמשים כיצירות אמנות מרכזיות בכיכרות ערים, בבניינים מסחריים ובבתים פרטיים. צוות האומנים המסור שלנו מייצר את הפסלים במשך למעלה משישה עשורים. כיום ממשיכה מרית מייסלר ביתו את מורשת אביה והיא האמנית והבעלים של הגלריה ובית המלאכה. בוגרת האקדמיה לאמנות ועיצוב בצלאל, היא שוזרת את ההיסטוריה של פרנק יחד עם סגנונה העכשווי.